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Not sure whether this has been discussed before but has anyone used iCab at all? I am writing this from iCab it still works and seems to be still a very stable browser on OS9.

Heres the link to try if you're interested.
go to downloads and doownload the macos9.2.2 version.

Stopped development in 2008.

What advantages it has versus Classilla 9.3.3?

They're based on different engines. Development on icab stopped quite some time ago. Classilla will outperform it easily AND it's still actually supported. Cameron even swears there will be a new update…soonish…

Just having a look around and trial a few ones that I missed - but you're right there are a few pages that don't load whereas Classilla does.

iCab is essentally a port of the Atari browser CAB to Mac, made by the same guy and distributed by ASH software back in the 90's. Cab stands for "Crystal Atari Browser".
It's pretty fast, but I don't see any reason to use it except if you have a really old pre-G3 Mac.


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