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"Invalid Btree Header, 0, 0" error...

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Yes, I agree with DieHard, as being Mac Os X the main cause of Invalid B Tree header errors. I have achieved to solve the problem using a combination of rescue utilities, including Mac Os X Disk Utility. But in any case, I can't trust any more the rescued HD, so it must be re-formatted as soon as it can.

Yes ok. But is it safe to just write the content of the Protools session Data harddrive to another one to "refresh" the directory structure which is what got damaged in the first place or how can I salvage this ?

As an reminder.
I have an system harddrive with the OS which I will just reinstall but I need to know what is best to do with the Data harddrive.

While in OS 9, Copying the data from the damaged volume to another volume will NOT transfer any issues to the new volume.  If the files read and transfer, you will be fine.  The errors are limited to the source volume tables

Agree with DieHard... Used to get these problems all the time using a portable FW drive between my OS9 PT system and OS X PT at studio location.... Even with the errors (as long as the drive would function) the data would transfers fine. At first I would try to 'fix' the drive when this would happen but eventually wound up just ignoring the the error messages, still using the drive until I could initialize it.

Thanks Boss (DieHard) and MrHappy!

I feel more relieved now about it.

What about the HFS+ thing from Paragon ?
Can anyone recommend it ?
It would be handy if I go down the network route to move files around between the bigger harddrives I have in the Windows rig and leave my FireWire external harddrive only for direct filetransfer between Mac OS9 systems so that this scenario won't repeat.

I got no response from Paragon yet about the issue of not mounting the partitions which where formatted under OS9...I don't know where the support is located but is it holiday in USA today?


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