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"Invalid Btree Header, 0, 0" error...

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--- Quote from: macarone on April 06, 2021, 04:50:41 AM ---DiskWarrior came out it versions 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 and 5.2 (rel 2). On my G4 or G5, each versions starts the rebuild but freezes, and requires a Force Quit. Sometimes it causes a kernal panic.
Have others actually been able to have DiskWarrior 5.2 complete a rebuild?

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Have you get contacted to Alsoft about that problem? And what they answered?


--- Quote from: peeperpc on April 08, 2021, 01:54:35 AM ---There are two drives with an OS 9 partition on each.

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this is not a general advice how to avid, fix, or ignore b-tree errors, but from my experience you can successfully keep using such partitions for 10 or 15 years without problems even after norton reported such a dramatic total failure error bug kind of thing.

when i an not wrong norton already reports that when you allowed journalling on that volume. (which you should not do when it is mostly used in OS9, but it is also not harmful.)

where to order a working  Firmtek 1s2 clone?


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