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Mac OS 9 Booting and Installing for Beginers

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Can a graphite G4 boot over the Ethernet? I have a DA Mac with no hard drive, and a Time Capsule. Wondering if I can boot that way (or with an Airport Extreme with a USB drive plugged in, which I assume would be faster than plugging the drive into the USB 1.1 port).


Hi. thanks for the link. I don't understand how that would work. Where would I install software to make the computer look for a boot drive over Ethernet? It wouldn't make sense to install it on the Ethernet drive....


--- Quote from: DieHard on September 22, 2015, 02:26:15 PM ---
If you intend to use PATA/IDE hard drives larger than 128GB under OS 9, then be aware that you will need the combination of a Mac with an IDE controller that is 48-bit LBA compliant and operating system version 9.2.2

What the hell is 48-bit LBA compliant, you ask?
Well, it is the ability of the Mac to see the total number of heads, cylinders, and sectors of large hard drives.
We have tested the following Macs and they can see hard drives of up to 500GB within Mac OS 9.2.2: QuickSilver 733, QuickSilver 800, QuickSilver DP 800, QuickSilver 867, QuickSilver 933, QuickSilver Dual 1 GHz with logic board 820-1342-B (QS logic board 820-1276-A will NOT work and peak out at 128 GB), All FW400 MDD models, Titanium PowerBook 800, Titanium PowerBook 867, Titanium PowerBook 1Ghz will work nicely.

With drives over 128GB, as far as the Mac OS revision, you will be stuck with Mac OS 9.2.2 only, as it contains Apple Drive Setup V2.1.  This version of this app is the first version to support larger drives and will be needed to format and partition drives greater than 128GB. We also recommend that you keep your partitions to sizes of 190GB or less.. exceeding this size has some ramifications .. (2 of them) .. 1st) OS 9 will not boot and 2nd) Norton Speed Disk V6.03 will not be able to defrag it.

To clarify, if you are putting a 500GB IDE drive into your Mac, simply break it into 3 partitions:

* 120GB (os volume)
* 190GB (data volume) --190gb being the highest size while maintaining compatibility with defrag
* 190GB (data volume) --190gb being the highest size while maintaining compatibility with defrag*format all volumes Mac OS Extended

--- End quote ---

What about external Firewire drives?

I can't get  anything on this Web site to work. I formatted a USB flash drive and a powered Firewire drive as "HFS+ (Journaled)" and installed OS 9.2.2 on them. The G4 wouldn't boot from them. Is there something I'm missing?


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