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Any one want to help build a community made OS 9.3?

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*nix code would not be used, but referenced for communication specification and register information of various cards.
Pascal was used up to System 6.  7 started a migration to C.
Most of 8 and 9 where C.  There may be pascal, but in the end it's all binary machine instructions.

i think you are wrong about that. the pascal heritage is a big part of it because they reused to much of the old code instead of rewriting it.

Possible, but really the language they used is fairly irrelevant honestly as the approach I am looking at is through extensions, enablers and control panels and those can be written in c, assembly, pascal, whatever...

so what software is used to work on it? have you looked at the transition between 9 and x ? i think that was copeland or something like that it looked like 9 but had already a lite taste of x. maybe that should be analyzed. i would like to have a real multitasking and a way to free the memory when you close the app.

Right now I'm still researching all the piece and bits, and this is more a call out to anyone who has any low level knowledge they want to contribute.  There was rhapsody which might be what you are thinking of. It looked like 9, but it was the core of the first version of x and I believe it went on to be released as os x server 1.0 which ran on PPC and Intel oddly enough.
Yes multitasking would be awesome and could definitely be added to the wish list of features along with freeing memory. though keep in mind I'm not completely sure all this can happen.
The memory one might be easier to implement though as memory managers are slightly easier to implement then task schedulers when dealing with OS level items.


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