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Any one want to help build a community made OS 9.3?

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I am sorry, I did not get any message and of course have been offline because I am trying to restrict my Net usage.

When  was in the MBU, I was not a programmer--I was a learning specialist (or trainer if you will ) in the technical support division. The limits of what we did "officially" would be to remove the product entirely.

So I have no real knowledge to be able to contribute. I should have made that more clear, and I apologize.

Greetings, friends. Is anyone still interested in this project? Has anything come about as a result of these efforts? I myself am not experienced with advanced coding; however, i'm certainly willing to dedicate my time to test on my machines and providing user feedback. i'm trying to improve my skills so that i can write new programs and improve upon existing ones to keep OS9 alive doing more and more.

You bet. We have all sorts of cool stuff. I built ROMs that can boot the Mac mini and (slightly) raise the RAM ceiling, with more to come.

Hi guys.

How it the project going?  Is there anything I can try to run yet that is all in one package?


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