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--- Quote from: MacTron on November 20, 2013, 02:50:32 PM ---The sonnet Dual 1.8 is faster than any 7455@1.42. I'd tested my MDD@1.42 against Sonnet Dual 1.8 upgraded MDD of a friend of mine and the Sonnet was always faster. The things only become more equal when I'd overclocked mi MDD to 1.66. But the 7455@1.66 is unstable, at least in summertime :(

--- End quote ---

the sonnet duet is a 7447A chip right i think??
7447A cames after 7455 i think?

Wow... I never noticed the "color" ring theory... I will look at all my MDDs (5 total) to check that out...

From personal experience, I spent many a late night up trying to hunt down some small Application issue or system instability due to 3rd party CPU upgrades...

I am now older and less bold, so I stick to stock apple CPUs only... I also agree that CPU cache is the key with audio apps & VSTis... bench a 733 QS against a 733 DA and the DA
will run circles around the Quicksilver... A Quicksilver 933 is the best (with no mods) when you compare the "Acoustic Noise to Power" ratio.  The MDD (if quieted down enough to be is the same room as a microphone) is still by far, my favorite  ;D

Back in the day, I setup many dual processor G4 systems for Video and graphic artists with awesome results, but as far as DAWs go, they seem to be more stable on single CPU G4s....please let me know if you guys have had luck with Cubase or PT being very stable on a Dual G4, and if so...what config ? (cause I tried many)


--- Quote from: Knez on November 20, 2013, 02:12:37 PM ---The Sonnet CPU's simply lacks L3 cache (and has less L2 cache than Apples CPUs)

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are you sure? review the info posted here re: L2 + L3 cache, its an image screengrab of the pdf also linked now:

If you look at that PDF at the bottom left you see what I mean. The high-end CPU's  (1.8ghz single and dual) only have L2 cache, which is 512kb.
The Apple CPU's have 256kb L2 and 2mb L3 cache, this makes a HUGE difference when doing for instance FPU intensive tasks.

Hence the Dual 1.5ghz (overclocked 1.25ghz) being the over all winner in speed and in price.

MacTron, what did you use to benchmark the machines?

Here's a selection of my benchmarking of my computers running Geekbench 2 (OSX):

What I know, theres not one benchmarking app for OS9 that benchmarks accuratly.

Here we have the table with the results of the test "Cinebench 2003"

Sonnet@1.8G4@1.667Rendering (Single CPU): 1631583.16%Rendering (Multiple CPU):3092974.04%Shading (CINEMA 4D) : 181190-4.74%Shading (OpenGL Software) : 473494-4.25%Shading (OpenGL Hardware) :474511-7.24%
The test was done in two MDD with Mac os 9.22. One with sonnet 7447A@1.824 dual and the other with 7455@1.42 Dual overclocked to 1.66.

The 7447A@1.824  win against the 7455@1.66 the "Rendering (single CPU)" test by a short 3.16 %. If 7455 are overclocked  at 1.5, the 7447A@1.824  win by 15%.
So in a MDD the sonnet 7447A@1.824 is comparable to a 7455@1.66 and faster than a 7455@1.5 and of course even more faster than a 7455@1.42.
If the diffence in speed worth the price of the sonnet, is other business.


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