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« on: July 13, 2015, 07:51:01 AM »
Does anyone have the CodeWarrior Pro post-linker plugin "FATCarbon version 1.5.1" (issued  September 20, 2001) by Eric Allen Grant archived?

It is also listed as issued on the Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6 Reference CD in Cool Demos, SDKs and Tools folder - in the Tools sub-folder.

I only see the FATCarbon version 1.3 archived online anywhere...

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Re: FATCarbon
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2015, 09:19:27 AM »
In Codewarrior 6 Reference there there is only "FAT Carbon version 1.1". And In Codewarrior 7 this file is absent.
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Re: FATCarbon
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2015, 01:43:47 AM »
Found the ReadMe, but still haven't found the actual plugin:

Version History

1.0 August 12, 2000 
First public release of final version; works with CodeWarrior Pro 2-5.

1.1 August 16, 2000 
Added flavor of the plugin file that works with CodeWarrior Pro 6.

1.1.1 October 26, 2000 
Squashed cosmetic bug in 'cfrg' resource; updated documention to reflect my new web and e-mail addresses.

1.2 January 7, 2001 
Made the FATCarbon plugin into a FAT Carbonized solution that works on every platform supported by CodeWarrior Pro (versions 2-6); removed the requirement that the Carbon app’s 'carb' resource possess a certain ID or data (now any ID or data will suffice); added the requirement that the main application fragment of each of the two PPC applications be stored in the app’s data fork, not in a resource; arranged it so the Finder flags of the earlier-linked app will be copied to the new FAT Carbonized application; added call to QDFlushPortBuffer so the FATCarbonSillyBalls sample app actually does something on OS X; included the latest version of Klondike, the included example of a shipping FAT Carbonized application.

1.3 January 20, 2001 
Made it so the former main application fragments of the two merged PPC applications are now treated as "import libraries" by the Code Fragment Manager.  This has three consequences:  (1) those fragments may export named routines (for example, callbacks) or data to shared libraries and plugins, which in turn may link against the fragments by name; (2) those fragments may reside in the app's resource fork; and (3) the two fragments may not share the same name.  (By default, the name of an application's main fragment is the name of the application file; however, the fragment name can be set manually in the "PPC PEF" target settings panel.)

1.4 [Not publicly distributed]

1.5.1 September 20, 2001 
Made FATCarbon compatible with OS X 10.1, such that both the post-linker plugin and the resulting FAT Carbonized binaries work on that system; made it so an app is recognized as a Carbon app if it has either a 'carb' resource or a 'plst' resource; added new licensing conditions.  This new version is a free upgrade for all existing customers; provided, however, that any use of this version of FATCarbon and any distribution of binaries created therewith is subject to the license set forth at this link [ ].