Author Topic: StudioVision vs. ProTools  (Read 2200 times)

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StudioVision vs. ProTools
« on: May 27, 2015, 05:05:58 PM »

If anyone here doesn’t know of and subscribe to Bobby Owsinski’s “The Big Picture” music production blog, you’re missing a very entertaining and educational weekly experience.
Bobby Owsinski is a long-time recording engineer, author, blogger and all-around human encyclopedia of all things recording. Trust me, try it… you’ll like it!

Now, the coincidence part:
  A few postings/days ago, I noted that Dave Oppenheim’s working at Avid was finally bringing some looong overdue MIDI features to PT.

In an item in Bobby’s blog of 5/26/15, he describes the “Programmed Hi-Hat Feel Trick” using PT. The trick involves using PT’s random pencil tool to randomly modulate volume level and EQ (both level and center freq.) to “humanize” an otherwise mechanical sounding Hi-hat track, thereby helping the groove to well… groove!

Watching him demo this YouTube screen video using PT, I immediately noticed the amazing similarity to StudioVision. In fact, the process was absolutely identical to the way it would be done in SVP! The random pencil tool and automation control tracks he finds so useful in PT were in fact introduced in StudioVision many, many moons ago!

This demo is a perfect example of just ONE of the countless reasons I still use SVP.  Actually, comparing the density of all of the packed-in data in the PT window with the equivalent layout in SVP, the SVP screen is far clearer, customizable and more readable-at-a-glance than PT.  The huge amount of CPU overhead that goes into all the colors, shadows, animations etc, in the modern PT (and OSX) is flashy and pretty, but ultimately no more functional than SVP in OS9.

So what’s new in modern DAWs?  Not as much as you’d think apparently…

Look HERE:

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Re: StudioVision vs. ProTools
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2016, 03:34:17 PM »
i think alot more people should be curious about Opcode Studio Vision as a sequencer..
its got alot of tricks up it's sleeve and was miles ahead of alot of other products for using with real hardware re: midi + integration... SVP is something i think all should be interested in exploring + being familiar with to get the most out of writing music with studio equipment on mac os 9!