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The Acard ARS-2133 IDE-to-SATA Bridge with OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD

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The Acard ARS-2133 with OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD

The Story Begins....

So this IDE-to-SATA Bridge is a pretty unique adapter that Chris and I have touched upon in a few other posts.  It's main advantage is that when a 2.5" SSD or Notebook Hard Drive is mounted in it, it becomes the Normal size of a 3.5" Desktop PATA Hard drive, perfect for an MDD or QuickSilver...

--- Quote ---The ARS-2133 is an IDE-to-SATA 2.5” HDD bay adapter serving as a solution for  for IT professionals, SOHO users, industrial PCs, factory equipment, hospital equipment and professional repair technicians. For old and industrial systems that do not support SATA hard drives, the ARS-2133 can “concert” a 2.5” SATA hard drive into a 3.5” IDE hard drive. This way, users will not need to upgrade their systems for using 2.5” SATA hard drives.
--- End quote ---
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------So the MDD 1.33 Ghz looking pretty sad with an OWC SSD that comes with mediocre PATA to SATA adapter connector that can come off easily (especially when mounted Vertical in an MDD). Also, it takes up extra space with it's small board and wire pigtail.

This is the standard Diehard Solo Cubase Project Studio configuration with MDD 1.33 Ghz. Single, (1) OWC SSD, (2) 500 GB PATA, 1 Powercore, 1 UAD-1, and 1 M-Audio 2496

Here is a closer look at the OWC Madness

Now for the Acard, bought on eBay for $49 bucks definitely not a cheap device.

The damn thing is rock solid steel and mounts the OWC SSD perfectly in less than 1 minute !

Now mount it in the MDD Cage...and notice it takes up no more room than the factory mechanical PATA IDE hard drive; also notice that a fast 7200 RPM, 1 TB Notebook drive with a ton of cache can also be used instead of an SSD

Here it is next to a 500 GB PATA, sharing the same cage !

There is only 1 bummer here, the Acard has the power plug reversed, so the standard MDD dual power harness (when 1 power is reversed) will not reach, so you will have to use a pigtail if you want to put an additional standard PATA in the same MDD Cage. If you can afford 2 Acard bridges, then this will not be an issue since both power molex connectors will be in the same direction. 

I decided, in the end, to use the Acard with the SSD and simply leave it by itself and then put (2) 500 GB PATA on the other controller.  So damn neat and secure... gotta love it !

Those Addonics always drove me crazy. After a while they fall out the bottom of the SSD when you have it mounted vertically.

Yeah, definitely better than using double stick tape. 

I will eventually buy another Acard and mount this... $99

TOSHIBA PH2100U-1SHD 1TB + 8GB NAND Flash 5400 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Internal Solid State Hybrid Drive 1 TB Notebook drive w/3 Year Warranty

Now that would be a pretty serious MDD setup, an OWC 256GB SSD and a 1 TB Rocket SATA, both low power, silent, mega fast, and on the MDD ATA-100 Controller; No PCI bandwidth loss, remember, I use a PowerCore, UAD-1, and 2496, so SATA PCI card would be a no go...

Jerry.. seriously..
u have never HAD A SATA PCI CARD
i find it amazing that your logical brain has illogically assumed that u will have problems
rather then actually trying it..
makes no sense.
even worse u are openly telling someone to avoid something u havent even tested yourself!!!!!!!!
i know all your experience has led u to believe that would be the case
but the fact remains
you have not ever had a sata pci..
u are unfamiliar with their performance PERIOD let alone with their performance with your current setup..

u need to actually own one and try it before u knock it + openly tell others that its a must u avoid it... because u dont know for sure.. theres a good chance it would work fantastically. YOU HAVENT TRIED IT
i was going to send u a card... and u turned it down.

fucking get one and try it.. theres performance above your wildest dreams if u would just go out and actually TRY ONE OUT..
 buy a 64bit pci sata card
like the seritek 1v4 (for sata drives)
or a acard 6885M (for IDE drives)

190MB/s dude....  u arent even getting close to that with your SSD.. u are using like 5% of the SSD's performance.. how much do u get from your SSD with it connected to the ATA100? i bet its around no more then 100MB/s

btw great post.. lol

but wheres the benchmarks???
benchmark this sucker using ATTO ExpressProTools (found on any Protools CD)

I'm running some PCI cards for my HDs on Powermacs. It works great but there are two things I don't like about it: 1) it takes from the PCI bandwidth, and 9600s are SLOW all around in the first place, and 2) the 9600 always gives me a "you didn't shut down properly" message when starting up again so I have to disable that message altogether.

I wouldn't mind running a PCI card on a G4 for this since it's undoubtedly faster and won't take away too much from the system bus, however I need those 4 PCI slots. ALL of them. So I'm gonna stick with SATA-IDE adapters.


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