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QT Theatré => Multi-Video QuickTime Playback in OS9!


Was sick of waiting for the 'good version' of Seagull Video Player to manifest itself at my local second-hand store, so just finished an Applescript application allowing the selection and playback of entire-folders of QuickTime 6 compatible videos. Each video plays, closes and opens the next all by itself - you might even say it was 'computerized' :0)

Offers Normal (alphabetized) and Random playback.

Comes with decent Read Me.

Note: The ONLY way to close the app - short of allowing it to finish playing is to force quit. Sorry, Applescript has its limits, but this is actually not too bad in practice (especially if the video currently playing is paused first).
Architecture: PPC

Tested in Mac OS 9.2.2 / QuickTime 6.0.3 on G4 PowerMac

P.S.  Just found a code-flaw that was causing problems and it is fixed at this link:  (couldn't modify the download link here).

aha, so finally i found the applescript teacher i was looking for. :)



--- Quote ---Most Macintosh users don't realize there is a powerful hidden interface to their computers -- a way to control and automate much of what we do every day; a way to save time and money; indeed, a way to have the computer do your work for you. It's called AppleScript, an easy-to-use, approachable, English-like language that controls nearly everything your computer can do. If you're not using AppleScript, you're working too hard. Give yourself a break... learn AppleScript today!
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