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SCSI -> firewire adapters? do they work for connecting samplers to firewire bus?

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just interested to know from anyone whos got experience, whether or not these actually work for connecting old akai, emu, ensoniq samplers etc


seems that noone knows about this.. its a mystery.. hopefully someone will come along and find this site one day and shed some light on the topic!

some posts on the subject on this uk site dedicated to emu hardware samplers...
even here you have a difference of opinion on the topic!!
ranging from:

"The general concensus is that the USB to SCSI converters simply do not work with samplers. "
"connect the cable to your mac, open bias peak, go to the menu "sampler" and choose "emu". that's it. no drivers, no hustle.  just load your sample and have fun"


here im finding people suggesting + leaning hard towards using
a dual card reader approach...

is this why programs like recycle v2.0 were stopped dead in their tracks?
im trying to understand why its so hard to transmit data between a computer + a sampler
and why ive read so many people have technical problems doing so
and whats the best sampler / data xfer method / computer combo
so i dont get stuck with an incompatible combination!!!!

 8) out of everything I've tried a 68k Mac always seems to work for me.


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