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AudioDesk v1.0


does anyone have the audiodesk installer?

v1.0 - v1.02

i thought i had this already..
maybe its on the dp 2.7 cd?


i should have an OEM of 2.0 because i think it ships with the motu audio interfaces for free, no? maybe i find it on a CD. it is not in my software collection, that is sure.

Hi,  V2 is OSX.  1.x is OS9. 

Any version of 1 would be greatly appreciated. 

I found this but its just the update.  Maybe someone could try it on OS9 to see if its the complete installer.   (Scrol to bottom)

youll also need the MAS plugins for os9 to go with it i think?

--- Quote ---AudioDesk version 1 has the following system requirements:

604e-based Power Mac or faster
32 MB RAM or more; 64 MB RAM or more recommended
Mac OS version 7.5.5 to 9.2.2; System 7.6.1 or later is recommended. Mac OS X is not supported (requires AudioDesk version 2 or later).
CD-ROM drive for installation and authorization
MOTU PCI or FireWire audio interface
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---While the user interface and audio capabilites in AudioDesk and Digital Performer 2.42 are basically identical, Digital Perfomer does have some more advanced features.

AudioDesk does have the ability to perform Pure DSP functions like pitch shifting and time compression/expansion, but it does not have the Spectral Effects user interface. This user interface makes it very intuitive to use these features.

-Sampler Support is not in AudioDesk. This is the ability to drag and drop samples from Digital Performer or anywhere in the finder to your supported samplers via the Samplers Window.

-Bars, Beats, Ticks….. AudioDesk will only display time in SMPTE, samples, or real-time readouts. It does not have the ability to display tempo, thus there are no measure markings. In Digital Performer you can display the ruler in measures, and perform your edits using measures. It is much more musical to think in terms of measures of music rather than SMPTE times.

-Tempo Maps… Digital Performer can do tempo mapping and define tempos for soundbites. Think of this….. You have a project containing MIDI and audio. If you define tempos for all of your soundbites in the project, you will then have the ability to change the tempo and let Digital Performer automatically change the tempo of all of the soundbites, thus keeping the audio and MIDI together. Want to create a ritardando at the end of a piece, but don’t want to pay the vocalist to come in to redo the ending? Write the tempo map for the ritardando in the conductor track, and let Digital Performer automatically adjust
the audio files to fit the ritardando.

-Window Sets are not available in AudioDesk. In Digital Performer, you can assign a key command to any window set or window arrangement that you use so it can quickly be recalled with one key stroke.

– The Advanced Search Engine is not available in AudioDesk. In Digital Performer you have the ability to perform searches based on any attribute or time selection that you desire. For example, if you would like to find every snare hit that has a note-on velocity below 67. You can also save your custom searches to be used again at anytime.

Also, Digital Performer has MIDI capabilities and AudioDesk does not. Or does it? You still have MMC capabilities in
AudioDesk, you can slave AudioDesk to MTC, and you can still assign MIDI controllers to the faders in the Mixing Board. You cannot sequence MIDI in AudioDesk.

You can always view the web site for even more features that are added to Digital Performer with each upgrade. To touch on a few there is POLAR, an environement for RAM based audio loop recording. Effects Automation which includes 5 automation modes added to Digital Performer. New Plug-ins such as the Delay, Multimode Filter, Graphical EQ, and Ring Modulator. There are dozens of other important enhancements such as unlimited punching ability, changing Inputs and outputs while playing, visual Time Expansion and Compression of audio, and many other features.
--- End quote ---

looks like u would be better off focusing on installing DP3.11


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