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d-soundpro d-sp (similar to passport alchemy)
« on: April 24, 2015, 05:11:53 AM »

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D-SoundPRO is a professional Audio Sound Editor, Software Synthesizer, Wave Generator and samplers MIDI/SCSI network manager. Its features are:

    Load/Save AIFF, SDII and .WAV mono/stereo 8/16 bits sound files up to 48 kHz
    Akai, E-MU, Kurzweil, Roland, SMDI, Yamaha SCSI sample dump supports
    MIDI SAMPLE DUMP STANDARD (also with Yamaha SY sample headers) and S50, S550, S330 MIDI supports
    Virtual Synthesizer module, to play samples from the Mac Keyboard or from MIDI (also from a sequencer running on the same Mac), including a real time AmpENV ADSR module.
    Midi Notes, Pitch Bender, Sustain Pedal real time midi messages support to play the Virtual Synthesizer
    Import/Export sounds from 3 1/2 Roland® Samplers Disks (W30, S50, S550, S330)
    Import/Export sounds in RAW format
    Sophisticated and undoable sample edit & clipboard management with Redo function
    Floating palettes for edit tools, loops monitoring, sample info, and Virtual Keyboard.
    X-Fade looping algorithm with programmable window length & X-fade coefficient
    Time Stretching (with old/new BPM tempo input parameters) and Frequency Shifting parametric algorithms by a Spectral Resynthesizer
    DSP Mono, Stereo, MultiTap Delay, Stereo Chorus, Early Reflection Reverbers and Stereoizer effects
    LowPass, BandPass, HighPass and BandReject analog filter simulation with feedback up to self resonance (-12, -24, -36, 48 dB/oct selectable curves)
    Full Parametric (Freq, Q, Gain) three ways and 7 Bands Graphic Equalizers (+/- 18dB)
    Rhythm loop for fast auto looping of musical audio file.
    Detect BPM function, to know which is the tempo from an audio file
    HQ Digital Oscillator functions to generate new synthesized sound waves (up to 10 detunable SW oscillators at the same time!)
    Resample using interpolation
    Pitch conversion
    Complex sample extraction functions
    Zooms and visual tools
    Full OMS 1.2 (or better) optional support
    It is a FAT application - it runs native on PowerMac
    Japanese and Italian versions available (German and French very soon)
    User Manual included

System requirements: System 7.1, SoundManager 3.1 and a 68020 MAC supporting 16 bit audio (68030 mac recommended for MIDI and PowerMac for full performaces).

Optional: MIDI interface and synth supporting MIDI Sample Dump Standard, a MAC with sound inputs, OMS 1.2 (or better), FreeMidi 1.34 (or better).

D-SoundPRO is a program which is distributed as SHAREWARE. This version is fully operating. You are permitted to use it on a trial basis for up to 15 days. If you wish to continue using this product beyond that period, you are expected to pay a registration fee of $39 (the update fee for version 2.x registered users is $10). Just download and try it for free!
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Re: d-soundpro d-sp (similar to passport alchemy)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2018, 05:13:43 PM »
The UI is very old school, but this is a pretty powerful editing environment especially for older OS 7-8 systems. It's by Stafano Daino, who was poached to develop Spark XL for TC Works, and now develops DSPQuattro. Especially fun back in the day was using the "raw data" import to render any files from my system as audio, and then use the other tools to shape them into noisy samples.

ETA: The "field of buttons" GUI reminds me of TurboSynth, which would make a great desert island combo with DSoundPro.
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Re: d-soundpro d-sp (similar to passport alchemy)
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2018, 06:43:53 PM »
i use the OS9 version of DSPQuattro on my home machine. Only sampler-transfer app I know of that supports multiple SCSI busses. (useful when your ATA/SATA controller identifies as SCSI bus 0)
Stefano is still developing the OSX version and is very friendly to chat with. :)
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Re: d-soundpro d-sp (similar to passport alchemy)
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2018, 08:30:42 AM »
It's by Stafano Daino, who was poached to develop Spark XL for TC Works, and now develops DSPQuattro
This guy is my fucking hero, I have been using DSP Quattro since Logic bailed on Waveburner, he is a monster genius and error-checks his code to the point that it is fast and rock solid.  And yes, he actually answers his emails.  Yes, as stated, Back in the day, Spark was his baby and his finger prints are all over it;  I am guessing he did the bulk of the Spark team work.