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flashing + mods for various cards for os9 (9250, 9000, 7000)

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does anyone know how to unlock the rom ?
im trying to flash a mac pci graphics card back to a pc rom to go inside an old pentium 75 vintage machine i built
but i cant get it to let me unlock the rom using flashrom (DOS)
it says the rom is locked!
is there some type of hardware lock that has to be performed? shorting of pins?

the thing is its a radeon 7000 that i know was a pc sapphire card thats been flashed to mac.. so it must be flashable..
unless they somehow burned + swapped actual chip via resolder? but i dont think so

all this because my ATI mach 64 has a broken inductor missing one of the RGB channels so the graphics all come out yellow
maybe i should just worry about soldering on a new inductor to repair this card
i read that a radeon 7k or 9200 is not really an ideal card for win9x anyway but they are the only conventional pci graphics cards i have
i wish i could flash one of my rage 128 oem B+W g3 cards.. but havent cracked that nut yet either;  rage 128 graphics would be alot better to use
than mach 64 probably
does anyone know of anyone ever flashing this oem card for the B+W g3 to work in a pc?

wow i actually got it to work by downloading a million different versions of ATIFLASH program untill after 10 different versions i found the version that lets you use atiflash -unlockrom and it worked great!

got the radeon 7000 64mb card reflashed back to PC and its inside my pentium 75 vintage machine now..working perfectly!

Awesome ! :)

Can you attach the set of files that worked for future reference...

I am about to pull the trigger on the AGP Sapphire 9250 256Mb, will this be flashable for my cube?

I would be very happy for any advice on this, no problem for me to move around a few resistors on the board and stuff like that.

Did anyone manage to get all the 256Mb recognized?

This is my first post on this forum!



I know this is a pretty old thread, but I figured I'd post this anyways, just in case someone else ever runs into one of these cards. I've had this weird, non-reference board PCI Radeon 9250 card for a long time (the only label on which is a sticker on the heatsink that reads "Mad Dog Multimedia"), and was never able to get it working on a Mac, due to not being able to find the necessary resistor positions to modify. Well, after a lot of trial and error, and a bit of guesswork, I finally managed to get it figured out, and working perfectly on a Mac. Below are some pictures of the card, and the resistors in question, set to the positions necessary to work as intended on a Mac.


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