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is a high quality video codec, that can play divx videos faster than DIVX codec itself (up to 50 % faster) and MP4 videos upto 3 times faster than Apple MPEG 4 decoder!
It also has a very convenient capability: you can render a final video with 3IVX codec in to a .mov (Quicktime) file container and later convert it to a .avi . mp4 very fast,  without re encoding the video again, ie: reencoding the audio ( MP3 for .avi and AAC for MP4) and let the video in passthrough mode!

It seem that the latest version was

3ivx D4 4.5.1 for OS 9. It is stored on sit on Garden

--- Quote ---3ivx is actually really useful because it creates standard MPEG-4 output. That is, at least ver. d4_451 does which is what I have. I'm not sure about this version--you'll have to try it.

What this means is that you can *export* using 3ivx, which is faster and better quality (per kilobyte) than QuickTime 6's built-in MPG4 codec, then playback using QT. Playing back *using 3ivx* leads to crashes (again, that's with d4_451). Of course, this may mean restarting with 3ivx removed from the extensions folder for playback, which isn't a big deal if you've exported a 60 min video....

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---

What is 3ivx?
3ivx is an MPEG-4 toolkit that supports MPEG-4 Video, MPEG-4 Audio and the MP4 File Format.
Around these 3 Technology Cores (Video, Audio and File Format) various front-ends have been built. A front-end is a shell around a core. The core communicates with the user through a front-end. Examples of front-ends include DirectShow Filters, QuickTime Components and Video for Windows codecs.

The Cores have been ported to and optimized for various processor architectures including embedded paltforms.

The 3ivx Filter Suite
This powerful suite of MPEG-4 tools includes 6 seperate filters to decode and encode ISO-compliant Advanced Simple Profile MPEG-4 Video, High Efficiency Multi-Channel MPEG-4 AAC (HE AAC) Audio and read and write MP4 files. The 3ivx Filter Suite works under DirectShow and can be bundled with any Windows application that takes advantage of the DirectShow or Video for Windows (VfW) Multimedia Architecture.

3ivx for QuickTime
With the QuickTime Component 3ivx brings high performance and high visual quality ISO MPEG-4 Compliant Video to the Mac OS platform. 3ivx integrates flawlessly with QuickTime Applications such as Final Cut Pro, Cleaner, Live Stage Pro and QuickTime Broadcaster to author MPEG-4 Video and Audio. 3ivx D4 4.5 adds the possibility to use the Apple MPEG-4 or Apple 3GPP Components to author 3ivx encoded video for Mobile Phones or for general Internet use.

3ivx D4 4.5 encoded video is completely compatible with the Apple MPEG-4 Decoder built into and shipped with every copy of QuickTime 6.

The QuickTime Component is also available for Windows. This makes 3ivx for QuickTime the ideal solution for Multimedia Authors who need to support multiple platforms.

DiVA is a Mac OS X only application that has been optimized for transcoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Video to the MPEG-4 format using 3ivx for QuickTime. It supports multiple processors, has a very fast scaler and an all YUV image pipeline (DiVA does no unwanted color conversion or transformation on the video). DiVA is the first Mac OS X Application to support 3ivx Automatic Dual Pass.

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3ivx D4 4.5 MPEG-4 Video Core

How to encode MPEG-4 video using 3ivx and QuickTime Pro

How to encode MPEG-4 AAC Audio with QuickTime Pro

How to create an .mp4 file from a .mov file with QuickTime Pro

3ivx QuickTime Video Codec Compression Settings


--- Quote ---Playing back *using 3ivx* leads to crashes (again, that's with d4_451)

--- End quote ---

I have used it for years without a glitch ...
... well, it may have some minor troubles with realtime rotate video


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