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BTV and BTV Pro



--- Quote ---BTV and BTV Pro have been officially discontinued. Please have a look at our our other video-realated software for the Mac.
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--- Quote --- BTV

BTV allows you to view video from any video input source, either in a window or full screen on an entire monitor. Video can be captured to disk as a standard QuickTime movie file and single frames can be saved as image files.
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--- Quote ---Features of BTV    
Works with any Macintosh compatible video input source    

View live video in a window or full-screen    
Movie capture    
Still image capture    
One touch capturing    
Multiple monitor support    
Channel changing on TV cards    
AppleScript support    
Includes the macgix LiveCam AppleScript to turn BTV into a Webcam application
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--- Quote ---BTV Pro has all the features of BTV as well as many more including movie playback and editing, stop motion animation, time lapse capture, motion detection, DV stream input/output, and frame averaging.
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--- Quote ---Additional Features of BTV Pro    
Movie playback and editing    
Time lapse capture    
Motion detection capture    
Stop-motion animation    
Frame averaging    
Folder Viewer    
Movie export    
DV input/output    
DV device control
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