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Youtube with Mac OS 9

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--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on April 15, 2015, 09:27:26 AM ---Please, Mat, tell Wabisukenohana to join the forum.

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Well, I just want to make sure my "non music postings" are really welcome and do not get deleted like sometimes in the past. If that is ok for everybody, I can go on and advertize this forum for sure.

you are more than welcome mat...  ;D
as u can see we have sections for "Classic discussions" as per the header

--- Quote ---The Mac OS 9 Lives Forum will now be dedicated to...
1) Installing, Maintaining, and Extending the functionality of Mac OS 9
2) Installing Digital Audio Software & Music/MIDI Hardware interfaces
3) General questions for Mac OS 9 enthusiasts.

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i dont remember deleting your posts tho.. i think that was an accident that we never really figured out the cause to..
following my early 2014 meltdown :D im not even an admin anymore if u didnt notice

When I try to use YTBfC, it says "not found"... Did YouTube change again? I have Flash 7 and YTBfC installed.

Yes, YT changed again the real paths to the streams, ... at the moment YTBFC is not working. Recently I need to download the stuff with some webservice and use FLVPalyer9 for watching YT videos at Mac OS 9. And I do not reach Wabisukenohana :-(

But for a good JavaScript developer it is maybe a simple thing to solve. The changes between the last 2 versions of YouTube Browser for Classilla were a few characters in the JS-code,

I can't seem to locate a working youtube downloader that works under Classilla. Or at least a working standalone app. Any of them I see in a google search can't be rendered and have incompatible websites. I hope Classilla gets a update eventually.


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