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Youtube with Mac OS 9

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There is a proof of concept solution here:

I say proof of concept because as much as I try, the website is too variable to reproduce useable results - for me, time to download a video could be from 2 minutes to downloading a corrupt file after half hour...or failing altogether.

What is very interesting in all this though, is the realisation through changing the file type and creator, QuickTime does have the required codec to play 3gp files!

This does mean to anyone versed in scripting, the previous downloader/player could be modified to parse the .3gp file instead of the .flv and play it back in QuickTime.

To summarize:

Browse "YouTube" using classilla on the less bloated

Get the 3gp file if available

Use FileType (version 1.0.1) to change the "creator" and "type"
Creator = TVOD
type = mpg4

--- Quote ---Yes, I'm booting into OS9
I can send screenshots later

Known codecs
Cornica SensePack
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Here is the Pismo playing a 700x300 MPEG-1 file.
--- End quote ---

What I see interesting here, as Dronecatcher noted on the MacRumors post is that Quicktime can play 3gp files, but you have to change using filetype to "fool" Quicktime.

I did a video here:

Just an FYI side note; for those that do not know we have discussed the "Filetype" OS 9 Utility, you can get it here

There are many reasons to have this utility available in Mac OS 9, you can easily fix "Broken" files that were bounced to a PC


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