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H264 codec, the "video game" is over in Mac Os 9.

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Now look at that


the perian game is over too, its been disonctinued years ago.

i already made myself backups of it because i am afraid it might disappear from the web soon. OSX PPC stuff is more outdated than OS9 PPC stuff...

but perian is nice. sometimes it is a bit strange and does weird things because it opens files differently every other day, but most of the time you can play flv with it (and probably some other formats, which i have no use for)


--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on April 15, 2015, 04:46:21 AM ---
Cisco had published a Open Source H264

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Processor Support

    Intel x86 optionally with MMX/SSE (no AVX yet, help is welcome)
    ARMv7 optionally with NEON, AArch64 optionally with NEON
    Any architecture using C/C++ fallback functions

--- End quote ---

Can we build OpenH264 on CodeWarrior for OS9?

Can we build OpenH264 on XCode to make a carbon-lib OS9 app ?

reminds me of this track


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on July 28, 2015, 11:40:44 AM ---reminds me of this track

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You remind me this Apple Engineer

But please, let's be on topic.


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