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Mac OS 9 is NOT Classic

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Well "OS9" is something completely different - a very interresting philosopy, but has nothing to do with Macs. "Pure Mac OS 9" sounds good in my opinion.
BTW in some forums the iCrowd starts to post more and more Mountain Lion questions at Mac OS 8 & 9 subforums,

lets be clear on this fact ..

the emulator is named after the reference to the os.
Mac OS 9 .. is, for all intents & purposes, the "9th edition" of the "CLASSIC" mac operating system.

yes there is an emulator also called "CLASSIC" within Tiger.. but its called this in reference to the "Classic" macintosh opertating system
so there isnt just one definition .. of "Classic"  -- "classic" refers both to the emulator within the newer OSX Operating System & to the "classic" mac os, its dubbed classic mac os because after its longterm use, it has been REPLACED... some people use the word "legacy" to refer to old products.. some use words like "classic".. in the case
of the macintosh os.. i think the term "classic" is more than fitting!

its confusing only to people that think that one word should only one meaning.


--- Quote from: rg8766 on February 11, 2013, 01:47:12 AM ---Would not simply referring to it as OS9

--- End quote ---

because OS9 is something different.

Yeah, we have to "Think Different"

maybe one of these days we can share the story how each one of us fell in love with os9 :D


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