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Mac OS 9 is NOT Classic

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One point that annoys me the last decade it the fact, that terms are not correclty defined.

Classic is the emulation used in later Operating Systems for booting Mac OS 9
So Mac OS 9 IS NOT Classic!

That is recently very important as I think. Especially when you look at different problems people got with Classic or other emulations, and blame the Operating System. It makes sometimes a bad feeling towards Mac OS 9 (or below) even if it is simply about the poor emulation!

How to deal with this? I have no correct term for Mac OS 9.2.2 and below. And I belive Apple itselve is not sad about the mixed up terms. I would love if we could try to establish a correct term. "Mac 9 and prior" or similar terms are too long and complicated. Any ideas?

Why not use the term "Pre- OS X" :)?

No. As X and 9 are totally different Operating Systems thats not a good solution. That would be like calling AmigaOS "pre MorphOS" ;)

When I created the Mac OS 9 Lives site I alluded to the the fact that there is no "Class" in classic; meaning that the Classic Environment of OS X was not good enough and that it was not as the definition would imply (classic - something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality) and that booting directly to Mac OS 9 was far superior for professional applications (like a DAW).  I am with you that we need a term that describes running Mac OS when booting directly/natively... maybe "Pure Mac OS" or some other term that implies it has not been tainted/manipulated.

Would not simply referring to it as OS9 or System 9 (the later linking it more to the System 6 System 7 lineage, the former linking it to the OS8 alterations) be sufficient.


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