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Mac OS 9 is NOT Classic

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One point that annoys me the last decade it the fact, that terms are not correclty defined.

Classic is the emulation used in later Operating Systems for booting Mac OS 9
So Mac OS 9 IS NOT Classic!

That is recently very important as I think. Especially when you look at different problems people got with Classic or other emulations, and blame the Operating System. It makes sometimes a bad feeling towards Mac OS 9 (or below) even if it is simply about the poor emulation!

How to deal with this? I have no correct term for Mac OS 9.2.2 and below. And I belive Apple itselve is not sad about the mixed up terms. I would love if we could try to establish a correct term. "Mac 9 and prior" or similar terms are too long and complicated. Any ideas?

Why not use the term "Pre- OS X" :)?

No. As X and 9 are totally different Operating Systems thats not a good solution. That would be like calling AmigaOS "pre MorphOS" ;)

When I created the Mac OS 9 Lives site I alluded to the the fact that there is no "Class" in classic; meaning that the Classic Environment of OS X was not good enough and that it was not as the definition would imply (classic - something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality) and that booting directly to Mac OS 9 was far superior.  I am with you that we need a term that describes running Mac OS when booting directly to it and not via an emulation... maybe "Pure Mac OS" or some other term that implies it has not been tainted thru an emulator...LOL

Would not simply referring to it as OS9 or System 9 (the later linking it more to the System 6 System 7 lineage, the former linking it to the OS8 alterations) be sufficient.


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