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Ableton Live v3.0.4 for os9 (October 2003ish)



1.3 What¹s New in Live 3?

1.3.1 Envelopes
-  Clips have envelopes for all warp, mixer and effect parameters (see Animating Samples with Clip Envelopes)
-  Envelope Draw Mode for drawing steps and curves (see Drawing Envelopes)
-  Better envelope editing: Envelopes can be freely copied between parameters (see Editing Breakpoints)

1.3.2 Playing Clips via MIDI / Computer Keys
-  Clips can be mapped to keyboard ranges for chromatic playing (see Mapping Clips to MIDI Note Ranges)
-  Clips have a velocity amount setting (see Mapping Clips to MIDI Notes)
-  Legato Mode for starting clips without retriggering (see Legato Mode)
-  All Launch Modes available for computer keyboard keys (see Launch Modes)

1.3.3 Arrangement and Session View
-  Consolidate command turns the Arrangement selection into a new clip (see Consolidate)
-  A new command to capture all running clips as a new Session View scene (see Insert Captured Scene)
-  Session View clips keep playing when dragged to other slots

1.3.4 Quantization / Grid
-  The Quantization menus include triplets
-  The global Quantization setting can have values greater than one bar

1.3.5 Live Effects
-  Compressor II ­ advanced dynamics (see Compressor II)
-  EQ 3 ­ three band DJ-style EQ with 48 dB band separation (see EQ Three)
-  Utility ­ gain, stereo width and phase control (see Utility)
-  Resonators ­ strings, chords and shimmer (see Resonators)

1.3.6 VST Plug-Ins
-  Multiple VST editor windows (see Showing Plug-In Panels in Separate Windows)
-  New VST program and bank handling (see VST Programs and Banks)
-  OS X: support for Mach-O plug-ins

1.3.7 Recording
-  Automatic handling of monitoring (see Monitoring the Audio-Ins)
-  Automatic thinning of recorded automation data

1.3.8 Clip Settings
-  Clips can be set to play from RAM instead of from disk (see Clip RAM Mode)
-  Dropping a sample from the File Browser onto the Clip View replaces the clips sample (see Using Clips as Templates)
-  Greater ranges for clip volume and transposition

Minimum System Requirements
Live 3.0

-G3/266 MHz;
-256 MB RAM;
-Mac OS 9.2 or OS X 10.1.5

-Pentium II/400 MHz;
-128 MB RAM;
-Windows 98/2000/XP


the ableton website around the time of live 3's release


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