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whats new in v3.0?


digital performer supports rewire since v2.7‎

digital performer works with rewire extremely well!
use this app as a rewire host.. by launching it before a rewire client app to record your loops + beats + sounds from the other applications
as audio data..

popular rewire clients would be reason or ableton live!


found this great pic off the motu press release page


please keep in mind if you are installing DP3 you need to burn the dp3.toast cd to an actual disc before installing..
and run the installer.. selecting custom install and deselecting FREEMIDI

once that installation sequence completes you can then run the installer in the same way, and deselect everything except FREEMIDI to install it... FREEMIDI is a requirement, DP3 requires the FREEMIDI extension to be installed to function.. even if you are using OMS.

the dp3 cd also features some demo software installers

--- Quote ---Reason 1.0
Retro AS1 v2.1.2
Unity DS1
Voodoo 1.2.0
SFX Machine 1.51

--- End quote ---

you can try these demos out but u will find the full versions of most of these are available here


updating DP3 to 3.11
u need to get a copy of the 3.11 updater..
its a bit confusing to install this because it has an installer to install the updater files to your drive and then u have to find the folder on your drive and run the updater.. who knows why the updater needs to be installed like an application does, but thats how they decided to do it.. so u "install" the updater which creates a folder on your drive called digital performer updater - what i did was copy this updater executable right into my digital performer 3 folder.. and ran it from there.. it instantly recognizes the installation this way... and happily updates... occasionally ive had to install the 3.02 updater before installing the 3.11 updater... but i think the 3.11 updater should work straight from 3.0 or 3.01 aswell..
im not sure if this requires the dp3 installation cd to be in the physical cd rom drive at time of installation or not.. but it may. once the update is complete you are free to delete the updater folder + files

and as if u didnt need another dp3 screenshot :D lol

this is a shot of the "chris Parks" demo (which is on the dp3 cd)
opened in dp3 (once updated to 3.11)


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