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Deluxe Music Construction Set 2.5

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--- Quote from: ronsonjonson on February 28, 2015, 04:41:23 AM ---This is pretty wild, but I got OS 6 running using MinivMac, made a new HFS disk image with DMCS and my docs on it....AND IT WORKS!!!! Thanks for the tip about non-compatibility with OS9--that was the clue I needed to properly remember what the operating system was back then. Now for the excitement of trying to export something...

--- End quote ---

Hi Ron.  Would you be able to take a look at the creator and file type of the DMCS score files and report them here?  It would be much appreciated.

Hi, I have been struggling to recover some DMCS 2.5 files and turn them into editable notation in Overture or even Finale. I have managed to get DMCS running in an emulator, and noticed that nsputnik was wondering what the file Type and Creator codes are for DMCS files. They are:

Type - USC2
Creator - UHRU
and if you are working in ResEdit to recover old files, makesure Inited is also checked.

EZ Vision can open and export DMCS files.  If you can't get EZ Vision running and need some files converted, hit me up.


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