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Nuendo v1.52 (October 2001)

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changes + fixes for each version listed here:

1.5.3 Update

1.6.0 Update (breaks rewire midi)

1.6.1 Update (fixes rewire midi)

anyone else using this?

Using Nuendo v1.52 with reason 2.5 via ReWire works very well..



Nuendo 1.5.2 added the following features and fixes:

- MOTU 1296 adaption.

- Mixdown now allows sample rates greater then 96kHz. (176400/192000/352800/384000)

- Additional sample rates for file conversion in Pool (64000/176400/192000)

- Solo of MIDI tracks routed to VST instruments did not work correctly after setting the track to record.

- When a Surround Panner was used on a channel, the previous pan settings would affect the level of the signal.

- Automation of Surround Panner could produce unsteady movements of the signal in the panner.

- Length accuracy was improved for time stretching with MPEX algorithm.

- Freezes related to disc overload situations on certain Macintosh systems have been fixed.

- 9-pin devices would occasionally stop after the right locator.

- On enabling inputs, insert plug-ins where reset.

just wondering why we dont have nuendo 1.5 posted in the daw hosts section?
this version works pretty good from what i have tested..
alot more dependable then battery vst or halion 1 even!

Nuendo_161_Patcher.hqx update to v1.61
found (miraculously) backed up here

ive attached the file aswell


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on July 28, 2014, 12:01:53 PM ---just wondering why we dont have nuendo 1.5 posted in the daw hosts section?

--- End quote ---
Here it is:

--- Quote ---this version works pretty good from what i have tested..

--- End quote ---
Did you remember this thread:

--- Quote from: MacTron on November 16, 2013, 07:25:09 AM ---I'd used Nuendo for a while, and I like it, it have some things better than Cubase VST 5, but Nuendo 1.5.2 is buggy, I have lost some works even after saving it to disk :(
Cubase SX and up, was based in Nuendo. In fact, the first versions of Cubase SX has less capabilities than Cubase VST 5

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: DieHard on December 23, 2013, 10:21:21 PM ---Chris, I am sure you would agree that there are many great tools for producing music on Mac OS. As far as the Cubase vs Nuendo debate, I would add that although Nuendo 1.5.2 is amazingly innovative (Supports 5.1 Mix) and although it is a great program (I was on the Beta Test team for Nuendo on PC), is was in it's infancy when OS 9 was shelved; it was a complete re-write from scratch (as compared to VST), so it is very buggy under Mac 0S 9 (I have also lost projects/time with then never ending Nuendo crashes). 

Cubase VST 5 is so much more solid since it was the final version with a long history on Mac OS.  Cubase "VST" was released first on the mac, was developed for mac, and was improved from 1996 thru 2001.  Its 5 year run as a Virtual Studio got better and better as PowerMacs got faster.  It may not have surround sound (like Nuendo), but it wins hands down in the stability & features department.

--- End quote ---

... and the 1.6.x versions are  "iLocked"  :'(


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