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Sony Oxford Dynamics

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So now that I'm getting my Mix3 system up and running and loading it up with tons of plugins, most of which I'll probably never use ::)... I started thinking about some plugs that I really like... one of my 'go to' plugs is the Sony Oxford Dynamics  but I was thinking that there wouldn't be a OS 9 version. Did a quick search and found this SOS link that mentions PT TDM/ RTAS OS 9! I'd LOVE to have this on my PT system!

Anyhoo... Has anyone here used this in PT 5.1.3/ OS 9??


ugly lookin isnt it? :D

I have it :)


--- Quote from: Knezzen on January 21, 2015, 10:27:56 PM ---I have it :)

--- End quote ---
Do demo works without ilok?

I have the full version with no need for iLok. Don't know if it's the last OS9 version though.


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