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ASUS V8460 Ultra 128M Rev 1.00 with VGA DVI TV-out PC Card FLASHED for Mac OS 9

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ASUS V8460 Ultra 128M Rev 1.00 with VGA DVI TV-out PC Card FLASHED for Mac

This is a New Thread Based on the TI 4600 Thread

The Story Begins....

So MacTron Posts this great info from Mac Elite...

And one really cool card AGP Video Card is mentioned...

The Mac elite site basically has a ton of links to "ROM" files which are intended to be used to load and re-program or  "Flash" the EPROMS of PC Video Cards and turn them into Mac Video Cards that will work in G4s or G5s.  This is interesting from an economic standpoint, since PC cards are dirt cheap on eBay and other sources. 

So Chris, kept bugging me (in a nice way) to buy an Asus V8460 on ebay...and it was good that he did, since it was one great deal

OK, the card was only $19.99 (with free shipping) while all the Apple TI-4600 cards are all $60, $80, and even $99.  While some PC to Mac AGP card conversions also involve "Taping" to Disable Pins 3 and 11 on AGP 8x cards (read more here) , this one (a 4X AGP Card) required ONLY FLASHING, which is a big plus.

So the victim...

Looking pretty fuckin' sweet for $19.99 with free shipping; like brand new, so i buy it.  I have flashed many logic boards and other devices in the past, but I did not know how hard/easy this project would be.

I also noticed the Fan on this card (usually round) looked different and much better; I really think it is a stock fan (maybe a later model) since there was a white outline on the board itself that matched the outline on the fan/cooler (Notice "SUNON" on the cooler itself).

Step One: Get the ROM file needed from Mac elite for the Asus V8460

I downloaded the modified ROM (for Mac) from wiki PC GeForce 4 Ti4600, Arti 1105

Step Two: Get the nvflash program needed from Mactron or the web

Step Three: Put AGP card in a PC, Boot to DOS (with no high memory drivers) and run flash command
a:\>nvflash -5 -6 file.rom (replace file.rom with the name of your file)[Enter]

The -5 -6 parameters are important as they tell the flash program to ignore checking specifics of the card and flash it, otherwise it will error out and say the board ID is a mismatch... here is a picture right after the flash

Step Four: Install in Mac G4 under OS 9 and be amazed, works as good as an Apple original TI-4600 and is shorter

And very good explanation.  :)

The "TV-out"  works?

Did you tested this V8460 against the standard Radeon 9000 PRO?

... may be some day we can flash those Dual DVIs Ti4600 ... :'(

heres what they look like with the asus cooler

hey diehard.. can u confirm if sleep works with this card installed?


--- Quote from: MacTron on January 13, 2015, 10:45:59 AM ---... may be some day we can flash those Dual DVIs Ti4600 ... :'(

--- End quote ---

one day very soon ;D


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