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IdentityTool Preview Release [OS X]

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All versions of Panther works with the G5. There never was anything special with the Panther DVD's bundled with the G5's. All versions of OS X supports dual processors natively.

Just wanted to share that using IdentityTool to say that I "have" an MDD on a QS 800 didn't allow me to install Leopard. I had to use Leopard Assist 3 and that could me do a Leopard install on that no L3 cache 800 Quicksilver.


--- Quote from: iMic on December 18, 2014, 09:21:20 AM ---IdentityTool, like LeopardAssist, calls into some of the commands provided in OS X's BSD subsystem. It makes it almost impossible to port it over to Mac OS 9. I'm also not aware of a way to interface directly with the NVRAM from within an OS 9 system. It may have been documented somewhere but I wouldn't expect it to be a simple task.

--- End quote ---

I donít know how but it is possible as we can see in this tool :,6161.0.html


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