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Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility

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When I try to use this application I very briefly see the application window flicker on the screen, but then  I get a gray screen and the system seems to be locked up, or at least I can't do anything with the mouse or keyboard to get out of it.  At that point I have to power down and reboot.  It's a 1 GHz TiBook running OS 9.2.2 and ROM 10.2.1, if that matters.

I use Toast 4 and 5 with no trouble mounting almost everything.

Unfortunately, I never tested the app from the garden. i have other priorities for our site right now, maybe I can get it on the back burner someday :)

Making "autoMount Images with Shrinkwrap and using the Toast CD mounter have always worked well

Worked like a charm. Wonderful. Now i can ply all the old games without that irritating CD-Spinning sound.

I assign the images with that AutoTyper then make an apple script app, that first tells finder to open the image, then open the application, then unmount the image. The result?
Double click on the compiled Application made in apple script, the CD image mounts, the game opens fine, then the CD image unmount, leaving everything on the desktop clean for when you quit the game.
The game was Virtual Pool (, which needs a CD in the drive to run, and these utilities helps get round that.


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