Author Topic: Using OMS with a Midi Timepiece (motu)  (Read 3382 times)


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Using OMS with a Midi Timepiece (motu)
« on: December 08, 2014, 08:58:52 PM »

also includes original oms 2.3 documentation (circa 1997)

The MIDI Time Piece (MTP) is Mark of the Unicorn’s MIDI Interface.
If the MIDI Time Piece OMS driver is in your OMS folder and one or
more MTP’s are connected to the Macintosh, you’ll see one or more
MTP icons in the Studio Setup document


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Re: Using OMS with a Midi Timepiece (motu)
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MOTU serial MIDI interfaces with Logic, Cubase, Finale and other OMS compatible software on B-W G3s and G4s
"To use a MOTU MIDI interface with OMS, you need to install FreeMIDI after OMS is installed. There are components in the FreeMIDI install that need to go into OMS folder of the system folder (the MOTU OMS driver and the MOTU OMS USB driver). With these components present, you should be able to scan for the MOTU MIDI interface in the studio menu/MIDI cards and interfaces selection. Or when running OMS for the first time."