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Time for the true. SATA speed In Mac Os 9.

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I've tested three of the more common ways of using SATA on Mac Os 9 computers:

- A cheap SATA to PATA converter, connected to a ATA100 port.
- A Sil3112 based adapter, like Sonnet Tempo SATA, SeriTek/1S2 or similar flashed card.
- And a Seritek 1eVE2+2, a full length (64 bits) PCI card.

All of them were connected to the same Samsung 840 evo SSD in the same computer. (but not at the same time LOL)

Those are the results in MB/sec:

The SATA to PATA do a really good job, because it reaches the real limit of a ATA 100 bus. But both PCI cards have a bit disappointment results, especially the SIL3112 based, (most Sonnet users have complained about this), as its max transfer speed is far away from the 128MB/s of the 33 Mhz 32 Bits PCI bus, not to mention the 150MB/s of the standart sata 1 specifications. The Seritek 1eVE2+2 have a better result, but far away from the 256MB/s of the 33 Mhz 64 Bits PCI bus. Even Though this card achieved 190 MB/sec in the SSD raid test.


great, thanks.

one could say using a PCI based SATA card to connect HDs only makes sense when you need the additional ports it gives you.

how do you think the 64 bit card would perform in a non 64 bit PCI slot?


--- Quote from: IIO on December 01, 2014, 02:37:26 PM ---

how do you think the 64 bit card would perform in a non 46 bit PCI slot?

--- End quote ---

I bet a little better than SiI 3112

83mb/s is plenty fast enough tbh.. this speed is WAY faster then
any disk made in 2002 thats for damn sure!!
great job on this chart mactron;)
great reference... ;D  8)

I have made new test, including the Acard 6290M.
This card perform worse than the SIL3112 based and very near to the SATA to PATA adapter results.


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