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searching for DVD Studio Pro Update 1.5.1 and/or 1.5.2 for OS 9 or X


I thank anyone in advance who may have these. If you have them, please feel free to PM me a link. That is the last piece I need to get an ultimate OS 9 station built. Please note that Apple's link to Update 1.5.2 no longer works.

Welcome Blackholemac.

--- Quote ---Apple bought Astarte's DVDirector in 2000, re-releasing it as DVD Studio Pro in 2001. Version 1.5, still based on this original code, was released in April 2002. In the meantime Apple had acquired Spruce Technologies in 2001, and was busy retooling the DVD authoring package that came with that acquisition (DVD Maestro), and in August 2003, Apple released DVD Studio Pro 2. This new version was basically a completely new application, with a totally new interface. Since then, the program has grown to be the primary midrange software DVD creation package, Sonic Scenarist being the worldwide industry standard for professional DVD authoring.

In April 2005, Apple updated DVD Studio Pro to support authoring HD content. DVD Studio Pro 4 allows for the burning of HD DVD content to both standard DVDs and HD DVD media (even though no HD DVD burners were currently available for Macintosh). For playing back HD DVD content burnt to a standard DVD, Apple requires a PowerPC G5, Apple DVD Player v4.6, and Mac OS X v10.4 or later. This was also the first version that did not include support for Mac OS 9.
--- End quote ---

Will take a moment to address Wikipedia's inaccurate article on the subject:

1. DVD Studio Pro 1.5 was the LAST version with OS 9 support. In fact version 2 requires a minimum of 10.2.6

Version 1.5.2 did not even support OS 9...version 1.5.1 was the last one, but for sake of completeness of my collection, would like to have 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 updates for either 9 or X or both if possible.

thanks for contributing that info blackholemac!


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