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Graphics card upgrade for Blue and White G3

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and am not very tech savvy. I have a Blue and White G3 tower running OS 9.2.1. I have the standard video card that came with the machine. I currently use a Viewsonic VG2030m monitor. What graphics card do I need to install to run a wide screen format monitor?     The monitor I want to use is a Viewsonic VG2030wm specifically. I assume the answer is on the forum elsewhere but I am not very good at navigating through the "tech talk"  :D

Thanks in advance!


i would pick this one:

and keep your old card that came with the machine because u might need it as this card only works properly when the ati drivers are correctly installed, i have the same machine + card

Thanks Chris, I ordered the ATI Radeon 7000. I assume if the ATI drivers are not installed correctly I can reinstall them?

yes absolutely i have the 7000 pci + the card works great but u may need the original card for doing fresh installs from cd of new os versions
ie if u want to run 8.5.1 or 8.6 instead of 9.2.2

i think u will be happy wth your purchase this card works in practically any g3, g4, or g5. one of the most compatible cards for the "G" macs there is!

I have a 7200 from Ati in my B&W. It's a great card if you can get it.


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