Author Topic: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)  (Read 87658 times)

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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #525 on: April 11, 2018, 09:28:15 AM »
All OWC and other brands that I know of that are legacy Notebook PATA/IDE SSD in any case (that looks like the same size as a notebook HD) are actually mSata with an adapter inside, they get a little hot, but not as hot as a mechanical hard drive.  Normal SATA SSDs run cold, I just wanted to point out that these get almost as hot as a mechanic drive if they are writing a lot of data for those that think they are "cold" like a SATA SSD

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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #526 on: April 14, 2018, 04:21:29 PM »

Thank you for letting me join you here.

i stumbled across this site on a few occasions in the the last few weeks.

I was googling re DAW issues.


I live in Germany.

I was once upon time a free lance soundman, part owner of a recording studio and also did live gigs, you know the dudes in the middle of the audience at concert twiddling and tweaking so your body quivers like a jelly and tries to make the experience sound good. The studio is no longer necessary, anyone can do it in their bedroom these days or even on their smartphone. Mr jobs & Mr Gates have an awful lot to answer for, I do enjoy the possibilities of Logic X 10.4, even if you HAVE to upgrade the OS to 10.12 to use it.

Strange thing is though 6.4.3 on OS9 works just as well and is easier to use.

after the 2" MCI and mixer plus loads of hardware etc, a customer asked me to organise a studio and teach him how to use it in his cellar, so phase 2 began. 2 black face adats and a 24/8 mixing console, periphery + A performa 430 with Logic notator 1.7, my first experience with a mac and midi, there followed a steep learning curve to get that together and keep it in sync, A Motu midi express I think was used to keep everything together.

While all of this was going on I was interested in the developing audio recording to Mac, i had been in a shop and seen I think a Quadra with protools, mega expensive and at the time I thought very limited, maybe a year later, Logic is there with audio, bought the second audio dongle and a 7600, with a Korg 1212 (adat in and out)

as time went by i found a cheap PC 5400, 44k audio and i could watch TV, go online (whatever happened to AOL ?) and generally have a real good time with it, also put an RME adat card in the PCI slot, macs and music were here to stay.

a few more macs down the line, the 7600 got a G3 processor, current machines

the 2 above

PPC 7300, given to me by another student when he moved on to a Power Mac G4 dual 500.

iMac DV (the 1st mac I used that could realistically edit video and render) this was my daughters 16th birthday present, she gave it back to me a few years ago, couldn't bear to let this cutie out of the family, still in its box.

mac mini  G4 1.25 another give away wasn't working so the couple bought a new one, I fitted a new drive and ram, now running on Tiger, one that could be booted into OS9 from what i read here

dual 867 MDD, a magnificent machine !! so good I got another

dual 1,25 FW800 oops not so good or maybe now

+ 4 i7 4 core Intel in various shapes and sizes.

I am now retired, and have time to play with all this good stuff.

Many forums tell me I am using some ships anchors, Yamaha 02R with yes you guessed by now 3 ADAT cards and a HD24 hardly used from the last studio partnership, Akai sampler, master keyboards and lots of I/O cards and midi interfaces, maybe could have helped some people about 4 years ago

I am cheating right now using Safari with OSX 10.12

I f you guys don't cheat I am sure you are not using Netscape or dare i mention IE the only options I had in the actual OS9 era.

I read about classilla, is that what you guys use to communicate ?

thanks for bearing with me, see you all agin soon. I will find a suitable avatar and sort that some other time
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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #527 on: April 14, 2018, 05:44:47 PM »
hi & welcome.

yes, classilla is what hopefully everyone uses when he is on mac os 9. other browers are almost useless today.

though iŽd doubt that many peope really use MacOS9 to regulary browse the web, it is more an additional option, which is nice to have. for many things online you need at least 10.9 now, since firefox for 10.8 (not to speak of safari) stopped certificate support at some point.

i am using MacOS9 for 90% of my audio work, and some 10.4. and 10.7 for other tasks. since even 10.7 is behind windows - and because of our german electricity fees - i am using mostly a windows laptop to browse the web for some 3 years.

so dont feel like a cheater, at the moment it is still legal to use other things than MacOS9. (this might change when we take over the world government)
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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #528 on: April 17, 2018, 02:51:34 AM »
Hi all

Thanks for approving my account.

I got here by having a near-two decade long love affair with old DSP cards, namely the Korg Oasys PCI.

A few years back I found one (again) on Ebay and promptly snatched it up. It lay dormant for a while and I eventually had an old XPC Shuttle case modified to accept the card.

But as anyone familiar with the card knows, the golden ticket for this thing is the development tool named SynthKit, which was only available on the Mac OS platform.

What happened next is that it sat dormant for a year or two whilst we had a couple of kids. I was left some money by way of an inheretence during this period, so I thought WTH, lets buy an old Mac.

I was enamoured with G4 systems when they came out, but had to stick by ye olde Intel platforms for various reasons. After first seeing one on a poster in my college years, I now am sat next to what I believe to be a "Quicksilver" system.

My plan was to use it as some sort of spectacular hyper-rack, by installing my Oasys and my Creamware Pulsar in the same box. It didn't quite work out that way, since Sonic Core released v5.1 of their software. I don't think they have OSX sorted yet, but it was quite a funny email conversation I had with them about getting v3 or v4 working on OS9. They thought I was nuts.

(And I probably am.)

Anyway, I got the Oasys working, loading program's via the software and then controlling the device via my MIDI setup. Despite many attempts with various programs, discs and hacky solutions, I have yet to get the G4 to output any sound, apart from what comes out of the speaker on the front.

A year or two has passed and my setup has been lying dormant, but change is on the horizon. There is some voice work I need to do and my Mrs has ordered me to the attic area with all my gear. I would like to bring the G4 kicking and tunefully screaming into that work, alongside the Oasys. I know it is more than capable of being a bit of a beast for audio work. I use Ableton 9.7 on the PC - some v4 love on the G4 would be a fine thing indeed.

(The noise of the thing is another issue. And it doesn't seem to be an easy fix to quieten the bugger.)

Never used OS9 before this purchase a couple of years back, but I used some of the public threads here to guide me to getting it running. This forum is an invaluable resource. And it is a great OS from what I've seen thus far. I can see why it was highly thought of, especially compared to the competetion at the time.

With this "move", I thought it might be useful to actually register with you lovely folks and the community here. I can't say I can contribute much expertise (beyond my own experiences with OS9 as a relative newbie), but happy to help if and where I can.

Cheers peeps

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Re: Members Introduction... time to reflect on our past that got us here :)
« Reply #529 on: April 18, 2018, 10:37:18 AM »
cheers! great long intro posts! what an epic thread this is  8)
87000 views + counting!  ;D