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Develop graphics drivers for OS9



--- Quote from: DieHard on November 13, 2014, 08:46:00 PM ---...We need to get a source to write us some new drivers for some of the basic Video Chip sets that currently elude us.

--- End quote ---

Let us find all the tools needed to develop OS9 drivers for OSX graphics card present on previously only OSX machines.

As DieHard has said, is the only thing that left to make Post2003 G4s to run OS9

Also this would come in handy because previously, we have to choose between a good card for OS9 or for OSX, but not both...

This could be a good starting point. The docs. from Apple
The display Devices pdf is lost on wayback machine...  :'(

Know OS9 accel. graphics cards:

OSX cards

So, it seem that every ATI card up to the Radeon 9000 and 9200 is OS9 comp. and has 3D accel.

Also all nvidia up to the Gforce 4 Ti

Excluded: Radeon 9600 and up. Gforce 5200 and up


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