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--- Quote ---The latest big thing in computer-based sequencing is the integration of real-world audio and MIDI data within the same program. MIKE COLLINS puts the four leading Macintosh contenders head to head to see how they compare across a range of facilities.
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--- Quote ---WHICH MAC?

For a start, you definitely need a large-screen Mac for using any of these programs, or, better still, two screens. As far as RAM is concerned, I'd recommend not less than 24Mb, and 48Mb would be better, especially if you're using several TDM plug-ins, though you could get by with 16Mb on a Quadra 650 if you're not doing anything too fancy. PowerMacs are more demanding as far as RAM is concerned, but when native versions of the current software is released, the extra speed increase is sure to be worth it.

The next consideration is PCI, a new standard buss system used by the latest PowerMacs, the 8500 and the 9500, in place of the NuBus system used in prior models. All the Digidesign cards use NuBus, but it is possible to buy a Digidesign-compatible NuBus expansion chassis from a company called Second Wave, which connects to these new models using a PCI card (if you want to use a NuBus digital video system, however, you should be aware that Radius VideoVision Studio does not work in the NuBus-to-PCI expansion chassis). Digidesign have announced that they will be producing PCI versions of their hardware from around the first quarter of 1996 and that there will be a crossgrade path for Pro Tools III users for one year following the launch of the PCI versions.

This change to PCI slots poses a problem if you are intending to buy a new Mac system or upgrade an existing one today. From many points of view you will want to choose the latest technology (PCI) but if you already have NuBus cards, or plan to buy a NuBus-based Pro Tools III system, these will not work in PCI slots. The best solution is probably to buy a Second Wave chassis, although this will add something like 1000 to your budget!
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I'm deep into finding the earliest DAW for MacOS..  so far i'm at Digital Performer 1.7 (1997)..  i found Cubase 2 but it's MIDI only.  I found Studio Vision 3.5 but the CD is asking for some authorizing disk.  does anyone know anything about this?  I'll post another thread on this, but figured a ping here wouldn't hurt. 

here's a link to the article (the link above is broken)

and i thought you already found it with digidesign soundtools?

I haven't installed it yet..  waiting for a replacement floppy to arrive later this week to be able to reinstall existing software (DP 1.7 so far) that has worked as a full DAW.. 

I had another reply to post on the other thread but it got closed before i hit submit..  Studio Vision 3.5 installed but it wants an authentication disk so I gotta find a cr$52ked version if such a version exists.   

Can't you refrain from using terms such as c***ked in a public forum, visible to the whole world and all search engines?  >:(


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