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What is your favorite sampler and why!

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1. Prophet 3000 - the most 16bit musical sampler, lovely tone on anything
2. Emu EIIIx (because is it cheaper than what follows, next)
3. Emu EIII - too expensive but a huge sound, it dominates the mix and is super stereo
4. Roland S770 - lovely tone
5. Emu EIV - modulation machine, released in 1994 quickly superseded by iterations but the original is the most dynamic and loudest of all the EIV line.  Later they got rid of the SSM2142 line drivers which give 'transformer' like 'warm' sound.  It goes right up to EOS 4.10 thats the year 2000 (6 years of support!)

No one mentioned the mervellous Akai MPC4000 ? Ahhhhhhhhh


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