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M-Audio Mac OS 9 Drivers *download* (drivers removed from

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--- Quote from: Jakl on January 08, 2015, 06:07:49 PM ---The macos9 drivers are still on M-Audio's site - what are you talking about Chris?

You just have to scroll down to find them - I don't know what the fuss is all about
M-Audio OS9 Drivers?

Chris give it another try by going to M-Audio drivers and choose an interface that
definitely had OS9 Drivers then scroll until you find it - I'm sure you will -
Check again you will be pleasantly surprised.

--- End quote ---

unless you are loading a different site then i am, you are incorrect in saying that the drivers are there.. yes it shows up in the menu, but when u click "Show results" the results that previously were easily available are missing...

they changed the web coding of the driver downloading interface. the japanese site still uses the old "working" version but for it to work properly u must have japanese language character set installed your browser/system

see the attached jpg.. where the audiophile usb no longer shows the proper download for the driver... its the same for many many interfaces that worked just fine no longer show the needed driver files.

actually.. cross checking with the japanese site.. that is the right file... but someones renamed it incorrectly to indicate "OSX" on the american site

regardless of this one example there are many other discrepencies
the m-audio site also used to host drivers for the evolution keyboards
and those drivres have also been removed from the m-audio site completely

ok u know what.. ive just checked and could find alot of the stuff has been sorted now under "Legacy"

i swear to god these files were not there just a few days ago!!  ;D ;D
they must have gone in and fixed some things that were broken in the last few days or hours.....!


i had some difficulty finding them just last night.. and i got a few msgs from people asking me for help to find them .. so there must have been a reason for both

there is a greater problem with what theyve changed tho
if you cross reference between the japanese version + the american version
when selecting a group, and then an interface on the japanese site..
it shows you *only the supported os choices* on the right
so it effectively acts as a list you can easily look at to see what interface is supported on what os ..

now that theyve changed the american site, it always lists *every os there is* in the rightmost column.. and u must press "show results" to "check" to see if there is a file..

the old system was easier + better
as u can see from the one example of the audiophile usb mac os 9 driver being renamed to "osx" someone who doesnt know shit has gone in and changed alot of stuff to do with the actual files + how they are sorted + how the interface works.......  guaranteed theres some other things missing, resorted, or Obfuscated somehow

the japanese site is also totally screwed now and they are directing trafffic back to the american site..

admins - u might want to STICKY this post.. as theres many people with m-audio hardware that will be looking for the drivers now that they are not available on the m-audio site anymore.


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