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FTP Transfer freezing

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I have a HD shared all over my network that I store my mp3s on and it's only when I'm downloading stuff from that particular folder that the errors occur. Everything else works 100%. I first noticed this on my MDD G4 in OS9 but I also notice it happening on my 9600 in both OS8.6 and OS7.6.1. It's the absolute worst in OS7.6.1, I'm not even going to attempt transferring them from there.

Something I noticed is that Fetch is having to rename a lot of the files since they're too long and oldschool Macs apparently can't handle long filenames. That's not always the problem though because sometimes it works, sometimes it freezes. It seems to happen at random. Does anyone have any idea?

yep u have a filename that is too long i think..
mac os 9 doesnt allow filenames longer then 31 character?
if i click a file like this my fileshare disconnects and i have to reconnect

its definately to do with filenames.. either characters.. or length
what operating system & filesystem is the hard drive that is shared in?

The filename length was definitely a problem, however I found that it would crash even when some of the filenames weren't that long.

The server is a Windows 7 machine, should be NTFS.

yea windows 7 in my mind isnt really cut out for server duty:D
more of a multimedia client..
u should run a NAS off a thumbdrive;)
needs 4gb+ ram, intel core cpu

but yea. regardless of that suggestion..
maybe its to do with NTFS..
im guessing its a samba share? maybe check what samba version it  uses?
how do u connect to it?
just by FTP? or "Windows filesharing"?

if u look up samba errors on google
there are MANY

in all the times i tried to do networking at home
was always with windows + samba servers
+ i always had headaches + things to fix

untill lately with my NAS + AFP
and its been 100% smooth sailing..
very little errors
insanely reliable
i love it

Everything has worked 100% and I haven't gotten a single crash when transferring files, EXCEPT from that damn mp3 folder. It's weird. Sometimes even if the files aren't too long it freezes, but sometimes not too. Not sure what's happening.

I'm running FileZilla Server on my Windows machine and I use the Fetch + Transmit clients on my Mac machines. Transmit is the worst about crashing, Fetch works better. Both still freeze my entire Mac at random though.


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