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i've installed pro tools, it works great! but where do i install plugins?


installed the 8 track demo that we included in the sit file..
great job whoever packaged this (hehe i think it was me)

but, to be honest, ive never used Pt free, and im not quite experienced with pro tools,
im more familiar with all the intricacies of their software versions then actually using the program itself! (lol)
but i aim to fix this;)

can someone tell a noob where to install the plugins nwo that i have downloaded them + extracted?
not all of them came up with icons either.. i hope this isnt a problem..

where do i place the files?
do i just make a plug-ins folder inside the digidesign folder?
do i have to change some setting in pro tools free to direct it to the right folder?


--- Quote ---Pull out some/all of the plug-ins you’ve added to ProTools (they’re in System Folder–>DAE folder–>Plug-ins).
--- End quote ---

i guess this is where they go?

Yep! :)


It is the best to tell stuffit to unstaff files there if you are going to test a bunch of plugins


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