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Proper SCSI Termination & Term Power

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I'm having a slight issue with the termination I think. I removed the internal SCSI HD completely and I'm running on an SSD. Currently my setup is as follows:

CD - ID3 Terminated

CD - ID4 unterminated

Zip - ID5 Terminated

The SCSI HD was terminated but since I took it out I'm getting CDROM freezes. Maybe I should set the CDROM ID to 0 and leave it terminated?

Setting that to ID0 doesn't help. For some reason my 9600 isn't liking that I don't have a SCSI HD in it. I guess it kind of 'expects' to see one. The main reason I got an SSD is because that SCSI HD is LOUD!!!

in case the board and scsi of the towers (i never had one) is similar to the 7300, using IDs starting with 0 seems to be a good idea.

the internal scsi should be 2 or 2-fast and (in opposite to the external scsi 1 port) that should not require a end-terminator plug. (in case i am wrong here, using one will be a solution, too.)

hehe, if you have to buy a new scsi terminator that will cost more than a new CD drive. (which will be solution #3)

I'm having some weird problems. My CDROM is freezing me and I think it has to do with termination. I seemed to have had to leave the SCSI HD actually connected with the SCSI cable to not freeze (but I disconnected the power). That gets the proper termination going on SCSI ID 0. Then after that I have a CDROM on ID 3, another CDROM on ID4, and then comes the Zip drive which is terminated.

I also see my SATA HDs but it says that's on SCSI Bus 2. The other chain above says SCSI Bus 0. With the setup I've got right now I'm getting freezing when inserting a CDROM. Here's how I've got it hooked up:

SCSI Bus 0:

(no ID) - SCSI HD, terminated, but with power unplugged
ID3 - CDROM, unterminated
ID4 - CDROM, unterminated
ID5 - Zip, terminated

SCSI Bus 2 (SATA, automatically fills in IDs)

ID2 - 1TB drive

On the SCSI Bus 0, the ID3 CDROM seems to want to be terminated sometimes. I tried the exact rig as posted above but with the ID3 CDROM terminated as well, but no go.

This is turning into a SCSI Labyrinth!


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