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Pismo G3 question


I put my Pismo G3 queswtion inside this thread as I feel it is more connected to "Powerbooks" than to "iBooks". I got my Pismo 500 quite late ( 1 1/2 years ago), so I am not totally familiar with it as I didn

Ahhh... the famous Pismo... a great notebook but many quirks;

MAIN QUIRK (made me bucks in the day) If the small internal CMOS battery (Not the main battery) goes stone dead... the Pismo will not boot and also appear stone dead (I used to buy them by the truck loads from companies and eBay that thought they had dead logic boards); at any rate simply replace the CMOS battery and hold the reset button (on the back) with a paperclip and they boot right up

Oh sorry back to you question... I have fixed the sound issue that you described by re-setting / zapping the P-RAM; hold command-Option-P-R (all 4 keys) when powering up and wait until it chimes and re-starts 3 times before releasing them; as I remember (and it's been a while); this would fix some sound issues; you can also try a fresh 9.2.2 install or replace or reseat the AC Power/sound board as it is a separate, inexpensive board that is NOT a part of the main logic/mother board

- Jerry

Cool story about all that "dead" boards! ;)

Any hints about the ac/sound board? Any source maybe?

I zapped the P-Ram that often, but I will give it a try again tomorrow, perhaps it works. Battery is ok in general.

On ebay now under "Powerbook Pismo G3 Firewire A/C Sound Board M7572 820-1076-A" for $19.99 with free shipping... rule out any possibility of a software issue first with an OS 9 re-install... hopefully it is not an issue with the actual Logic Board


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