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cubase dongle questions mac/pc

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im trying to find info on the cubase 3.0x version dongles.
does anyone know what they looked like?
was it the red printer port dongle?
i know the red ones are for v3.5 / v3.7 and i think also for v4.0
but are they for v3.0, v3.01, v3.02, v3.03, v3.04, v3.05 aswell?

after being in contact with a rep from steinberg they suggested i try the blue dongle to run older versions of cubase
saying that theres a chance it could work. im trying to use the blue dongle from Cubase VST 5/32 given to me by jerry (thanks jerry)

was the real cubase 3.05 dongle the same but red? or was the red one introduced with 3.5 / 3.7?
im having trouble finding anything on legacy cubase because theres so many new versions of cubase that come up in google results so i cant see any dongle pics

blue dongle pictured here:

atari dongle for 3.x is also red, does this mean all 3.x versions use red?


found this pic of cubase score 3.0
same dongle as 3.5, red parallel dongle


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on August 24, 2014, 06:46:55 AM ---found this pic of cubase score 3.0
same dongle as 3.5, red parallel dongle

--- End quote ---
Those parallel/printer dongles aren't for Mac. The good news is no dongles are needed for those Cubase for Mac versions at his time (2.x, 3.x, 4.x )... AFAIK...

really?> thres no cubase dongle for any version of mac?!topic/

according to the comments on this thread
black dongle = cubase 2+
red dongle = cubase 3+
blue dongle = cubase 5+

--- Quote ---V2 dongle only works with V2.
V3 dongle only works with V3 and Score 2.
Score 2 is the later improved V3 with a better score module.
--- End quote ---

im trying to find a pic of the black dongle
i think my friend used to have one!search/cubase$20audio$20xt$203.05$20dongle/alt.steinberg.cubase/r-_2Rlj9eDM/XzZflTiKXQoJ
this poster claims he bought cubase audio 3.05 in 1997 and it came with a red dongle

does anyone have the cd from this package?
it has a legacy installer on it that im after (of the previous version before 3.5, the 3.05 versions - cubase score 3.05)
like i said the steinberg rep told me that the blue dongle works for some older cubase versions.. i dont have any of the pc installers of v4 or v3.7 or v3.5 to test this theory tho but perhaps v3.5 VST is the version that will run with the cubase 5 vst/32 blue dongle  becuase it is is "VST" aswell? dont quote me on that ! i havent confirmed but thats what i was told by the rep

in the meantime, while looking, i found a dongle crack for v3.05
and the installer for "cubase audio xt 3.05"
but the dongle crack is for "score"
im trying to run it having installed "Audio XT" (the installer  file is like 8mb believe it or not)
and its saying "score dongle detected. install cubase score"
so if i could just get the score installer then id have a matching installer+crack
and working version that can work on win95, win98, win98se + winME

again please excuse the offtopic for a short period
i just really want to find this and then i can post this info elsewhere afterwards

needed to get a working installer/crack matching pair any one of the following SPECIFIC versions:
-cubase score 3.0 installer
-cubase audio xt 3.03 installer
-cubase audio xt 3.01 installer
-cubase score 3.05 installer
-cubase audio xt 3.05 crack**


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