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G4 400 @ 500MHz


I tried exactly what is on this guide with 2 identical Processors:
But both were unstable even at a low temperature (I have the larger heatsink original from the G4 PCI with arctic silver 5 + 2 fans attached on it). Could the stability be due to the out-of-date system I had before updating with the files from here? I have no issues when running at 450mhz. Am I doing something wrong? Could it be because my system is a G3 B&W using the G4 from Yikes? This doubts have been haunting me for years. I haven't tried it after I updated (I was so focused on the Radeon 9200). Is it worth to try at 500MHz with the updated Mac OS 9.2.2 or it has no influence at all?

I think that overclock a Yikes G4 to gain over 50 Mhz is not possible. The 100 Mhz gain as show in xlr8yourmac web page may be really exceptional. I have overclocked several G4 from Sawtooth and couldn't achieved the 100 Mhz gain, despite to push the voltage to max. And despite the G4 from Sawtooth is modern than Yikes G4.

Another guy could achieve the same slightly differently:


--- Quote from: filipetolhuizen on August 16, 2014, 07:18:32 AM ---Another guy could achieve the same slightly differently:

--- End quote ---

...this one uses a Peltier Junction... :(

Yes. I still have one here around somewhere, but haven't had guts to try it.


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