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MDD 866 Mods

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The boards are different. So I decided to take use on my new phone and take some pictures of the R676 on the back side of the motherboard to kill the subject at last.

On the CPU Daughtherboard side:

I could find R22, R26 and R27 on the front of the Dual 867, and I couldnt find R22 on the front or back of the Uni 1.25.

I could find R26 and R27 on the back side of the Uni 1.25

Just in case someone want to find R22 (maybe is not needed)

Question : I have a working 866 DP , and a broken 1.2 DP, may I swap the Cpu? Can it cause problems with the bus speed? In theory the cpu will be underclocked due to the slower bus clock, other downsides?

Ok the CPU swap worked! Now I have a dual processor @ 1ghz . The slower bus resulted in a underclocked CPU (1Ghz vs 1.25) but for me is now enough, not in the mood to risk damaging the hw overclocking!


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