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is this a hardware software combination?


the AFB is a 2700 hardware.

this plug-in (and the other one for the AFB, which fucused on overdrive) was/were actually the first USB plug-in/s on the market. but with this overpriced product the almost-bankrupt waldorf AG finally terminated itself, and so the technology had no chance to appear on OS9. :)

thanks for that insight i kind of got the idea that it was a failed product launch becausse of not much documentation on it..
2700 euro HAHA

yea it is totally funny because it is basically the same price as for the Q+ keybord ... which had the same 8 filters .. but had a keyboard and a synth in addition. :)

what should i say, the old waldorf AG were residing in a real castle ... instead of a garage, like us normal people.


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