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--- Quote from: ssp3 on February 03, 2023, 11:14:40 AM ---If you create tool and then sell it, you don't get paid royalties on products that others create with your tool.
Imagine if Microsoft (Word) or Adobe (Photoshop) tried to pull off that kind of stunt. Or Black&Decker.

--- End quote ---

Hildebrand's story is that of a typical mathematical obsessive, insatiable in knowledge, bookworm, for whom school was insufficient and the challenge of going further always attracted him. He finished a PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois in 1976 with a series of developments in applications of linear estimation theory and signal processing, which led him to Exxon Oil, who he worked with to save them from a multi-million dollar loss. .

If he could save an oil company from bankruptcy, then surely he could do better for himself, he thought.

But this would not happen until years later, since from his work as a software and hardware engineer dedicated to mapping the earth's surface in 2D and 3D, he felt a great void with his creations and the busy oil industry.

His ambition then took him further: not only did he exceed his expectations in his field, but it led him to another sector, musical, sonic, creative.

For this, he first had to leave the oil industry to return to school to study composition, where he began working with samplers, which would give him the impetus to develop his own musical algorithms.

His argument at the time was that sampling-based instruments sounded rubbish and the problem was that machines couldn't hold much data.

His idea was then that of an algorithm that could condense data to the point of allowing better sustain, better timbre, more diversity in sound reproduction, thus resulting in a software called Infinity, whose popularity reached unimaginable peaks by its creator, who decided there in the early 90's, start his own music company: Antares Audio Technology.



--- Quote from: daddyjeff on February 03, 2023, 03:58:41 PM ---No, I would never take such an interesting and fun topic badly, I was really only amused by the comment in the part where it is mentioned that infnity was used to create content with copyright protection, which is true and very funny.

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you still totally misunderstand the story (and nobody said anything about "protection" or "fraud")

he invented a technology big companies made use of to create content, but all they needed to use his tool is to pay the 200 dollar one time fee.

and after all keyboards had good looped material, there was no market to sell a looping tool directly to musicians either.

so if it would have been his aim to make as much money as possible with it - which we dont know - it would have an amazing mistake to sell the software instead of licensing the technology directly to third parties.
(of course i am the last person who would condone releasing new tech to the public as slow as possible only for profit, but that´s not the point.)

Jupiter Systems 1990-1996

INFINITY (1993) DSP Looping Tools is a powerful sample editor for Apple® computers that uses unique new DSP technologies to automate and improve the looping process - The part of sample editing that takes the most time and skill.
INFINITY allows you to loop everything from solo woodwinds to huge synth stacks with just a few mouse clicks, providing a new level of quality, speed, and simplicity far beyond what's possible with conventional sample-editing tools. For looping sound, nothing on earth can equal INFINITY.
- SPR Looper™
- Rotated Sums Looper™
- Crossfade Looper with Smart Auto-Scan™
- Real-Time Loop Adjust™
- Synth Looper™

MDT - Multiband Dynamics Tool (1994)

JVP - Jupiter Voice Processor (1995)

SST - Spectral Shaping Tool (1996)

AnTares Systems 1996-1998

Auto-Tune 1 (1997)
ATR-1 Intonation Processor (Jan 26, 1998)
Auto-Tune 2 (Jan 19, 1999)
AMM-1 Microphone Modeler (Jan 28, 1999)

Zero-G sells you libraries where sounds and Fx are edited and processed like Atares Infinity and more outdated tools.

in many Zero-G (zero gravity) libraries Antares Infinity is a tool for creating complex FX.


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