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one of the ways i always have wanted to work, is to be able to, in real time, as i hear it, press record + record what i hear to a new track and watch it being recorded (with wave files being drawn in as im hearing it) this is one of the things i like about ableton live
and one of the reasons i dont like so much cubases file export mixdown function
i dotn want to press stop on the audio and sit in silence as it exports this kills the energy of being creative and making music sometimes.. 

so.. one time i was working with cubase as i was cleaning up my space
and i was using at the time a delta 410 pci card, and i happemed to find these U shaped RCA loopback peices that originally came off an old stereo for video reciever.. and i simply used these to loop back one out of my output pairs directly into the 2 input channels on the delta 410 breakout cable..

and my prayers had been answered! all of a sudden..
i had reason open via rewire.. wich kept the two in sync..
but i hate the way of stoping music to export like i said
in logic the bounce function is the same bullshit.a neway
with this loop back ijn place i was able to work on the beats and record peices of beats + sounds
as audio ijn real time back ijnto cubase..
the way i had always envisioned working on recording music..
when i had seen recording producers ijn videos.. i didnt expdect that these guys would
be stopping the music to export a file mixdown!!
but twisting knobs while listening to teh groove!
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
in a dub to tape style~!

is there anything bad about working in this way?
have any of u done similar things to achieve a better workflow?


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